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pedestal ivory goddess


pedestal ivory goddess

pedestal ivory goddess
curves finger traced
on marble gown
thus, sculpted

gustatory impulsive
artistic kisses
focalized tongue
appertained chattel

steered daily
soothing, changing, disengaging
dovetailed shapes
though empirical junctures
and worrisome intangible ontologies

deliberately she cracks
dominated by overseen epochs


Today’s prompt was to “praise of a present-day hero, someone who has made a difference in your own life.” I always did like My Fair Lady and the concept of creating your own perfect love. I create my characters in my fiction with this ubermensch in mind. Thus this is to Professor Higgins, or is it to George B. Shaw? Or is it to a Venusian statue?  This is poetry…so you may interpret as you please.

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Meeting the Bar: Heroes and Heroines

Image Credit: Anne-Louis Girodet-Trioson Pygmalion et Galatée, 1819 Huile sur toile – 253 × 202 cm Paris, Musée du Louvre