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One thing that all cultures and nations have in common is paying taxes. Today is tax day in the United States of America. In honor of tax day, the person that I shall post will be my accountant, Donna.

Donna was a person who loved “getting things in ORDER,” which she practiced since she was a child. Along with the multitudinous receipts, forms, ledgers etc involved in accounting, Donna saw the legal aspects of accounting as part of the process of getting things at ORDER, “it’s challenging to set things up so that it works out best for my clients.”

Donna studied accounting at California State University, Northridge, and was a practicing Certified Public Accountant (CPA) for 35 years. At the time of this posting, she worked out of Lancaster, California, USA. At the start of her career, Donna thought that the legal aspects of accounting were going to be black and white but she ended up finding them very grey. Of course, she perceived tax law as something that needed to be put in ORDER.

Donna is a great accountant. Recently, a new friend, who moved to this area, asked me for an accountant recommendation. When I mentioned to Donna that I knew someone who wanted to retain her, she told me she was so busy that she wasn’t taking any new clients.

If countries hired accountants of Donna’s caliber to keep their finances in ORDER, geo-political systems would be much more stable in this world. Consequently, it would be a much happier, easier and more organized place to live.

BTW, Donna is so busy, she has no website or social media links, not only because she has no time, but because she doesn’t need them.

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