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why celebrate the holidays

Cinderella Break

why celebrate the holidays

why celebrate the holidays
in a tree
when you can ride a pumpkin
and scuff  its pungent crust

why celebrate the holiday
with family
when you can sip ginger tea
while burning a cinnamon candle

why celebrate the holiday
and succumb to gravity
when you can pirouette on point
with the rat king

why celebrate the holiday
traveling by sea
when warm colored leaves
gamble their lives in the wind

why celebrate the holiday
in thoughtful study
when you can play with words
in creative fulfillment


Written for:

Jingle Poetry
Short Story Slam Week 17

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Imaginary Gardens
Open Link Monday – December 19, 2011

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Image Credit:  Chance of Sunshine: Cinderella On Her Tea Break

Sonnet XXX

Sonnet XXX

Galactic Collision

Galactic collision occurred in space
at the rim of the universal plane.
The spiral arms, distorted from the base
of the center, were flung out with much strain.
A supermassive black hole gobbled up
matter that was obviously not dust.
The singularity appeared to sup
on its immense neighbor. In the robust
bright point resource, blasting out X-ray beams,
a plethora of objects that looked blue,
populated Gemini. Dust, it seems
hid energy. Gravity will ensue ―
the smaller body will finally lose;
as ripped, torn gases snap off and diffuse.


This comes from

This comes from @badastronomer’s Discover Magazine blog .

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Open Link Night, Week 24