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Portrait of Gary-1

Gary started off in Citizens Band Radio, CB Radio, in the early seventies, and at the time of this posting, was working on his technician license in Amateur Radio, ham radio. When I spoke to him, Gary was still involved in CB and also in The General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS), “mostly to chat, sometimes to help people.”

When on the roadway, Gary occasionally ran into people who had a GMRS radio in their car and needed help, but maybe didn’t have a cell phone to report the help request. So, Gary rendered assistance with his cell phone. “Most people are able to help themselves when an emergency arises because they have a cell phone, but there are a few people out there still that don’t have a cell phone, or their battery went dead on them.” So Gary liked to be ready to help them with either CB or GRMS radio.

Gary was a level one volunteer for Citizen Emergency Response Team, CERT. He attended monthly meetings at both the Mojave / Rosamond CERT and Antelope Valley CERT. If he were to be called out for an emergency or catastrophe, and he were available, he was sure he would “go out and help.”

Originally, Gary was raised in Culver City, California, USA. He moved to Antelope Valley in Christmas of 1968. He moved in the middle of his senior year in high school and ended up graduating from Palmdale High School. He attended Culver City High School when he lived in the Los Angeles area. He also attended Antelope Valley College. He enlisted in the United States Air Force and when discharged, went back for another year at Antelope Valley College.

In the Air Force, Gary was a medical material specialist during the Vietnam War era. Gary was lucky enough not to have to go to Vietnam. He said being in the Air Force was an interesting experience and in fact the whole Vietnam era was an interesting experience.

Gary worked for the United States Post Office for 42 years before he retired and at the time of this posting, he participated in Union activities for the postal service.

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