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Four Fleeting Senryu

Angels With Demons

Four Fleeting Senryu

social media
fleeting value of content
internet newsposts

immune to all trends
fleeting fancies of the day
fruitless investments

tormented demons
a fleeting glimpse of hell
dark anathema

choir of cherubs
angels bestow fleeting joys
soothing harp music


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Sensational Haiku Wednesday

Sensational Haiku Wednesday – #124 –  “fleeting”

Photo Credit: coolchaser

Man’yoshu Style Poetry

King Kull Meets Charon at River Styx

Alone, we are statues
who sneer at souls flowing
down a river to hell.
Together, we generate the power
to light a living continent.


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dversepoets Form For All – Manyoshu Poetry hosted by Jane Kohut Bartels/Lady Nyo

Photo credit: Black Gate Adventures in Fantasy Literature