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At The Nano-Scale


At The Nano-Scale

hydrophilic surfaces
hexagonal pyramids
high spin configuration
hadron absorbing quarks

networked by
nature’s tiniest secrets

axial stability
atoms for the beyond
a taste of
a microcosm that’s
always been

generated particles
gloopy friction
glued together

molecular technology

into the age of nano


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Open Link Night ~ Week 29

Photo Credit: eastonhockey77

Geometer’s Playground Over Wyoming

Geometer’s Playground Over Wyoming

City lights illuminate the horizon of an unnatural land.
A menagerie of images captures geometric designs.

       Arch diffuse as the Milky Way.
       Hexagonal crystal lunar halo.
       Shadows appearing at oblique angles.

Star trails point in multiple directions.
Sky juxtapositions surround the pyramidal structure.

       All points of view enhanced  aesthetically.
       Lunar corona shrinks and swells.
       Drifting pollen grains distort the scene.

Nothing  can quench the soft green glow of a far off Nebula.
The landscape is both daylight and semi-darkness.

       A bright night landscape,
          hyper-real and unreal all at once.
       A moon glaring like an evil eye.

Shadows stretch to and from the camera in unison.
Homestead-tech in a high science field.


Here’s another endeavor.

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“G” Is For “Gigi” Ann” A Little Bit About Me

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