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healthy simplism


healthy simplism

strong young animals
healthy simplism
monotonically plebian
wholesome honesty
impulse brimming
sweaty lovemaking exercise
species: continued


Written for:

Imaginary Gardens

A Photography Challenge for Sunday

Photo credit:  Richard Shear

A Natural History of My Princess Bedroom

Ceiling Sculpture in Princess Anne's Bedroom

A Natural History of My Princess Bedroom

much imperial drama and subsidy
to aggrandize the flashy feel
of a royal bedroom
curtains the color of the sky
ballroom sized
fluer de lys habitat
den of decadent fashion
museum it is not

splendidly exposed, prestigiously lavish
spirit of crystal alchemy
mirrors leading into new dimensions
the hub of a mediocre kingdom
ceiling sculptures
with hidden cameras
haven for personal protection
fit for a princess and a half


Written for:

The assignment was  write a poem entitled “A Natural History of My (room)“, selecting whatever specific room you desired and given in a very personal sense. I chose to write about a princess’s bedroom. I do not have a princess’s bedroom. This is fiction.

Also written for: Imaginary Gardens

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Photo credit:  Hiro and Haru’s Blog