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Sexy Hits the Streets

for cat

Sexy Hits the Streets

retro-ethnic, ultra-elaborated, seemingly fumbling.
stylized euro haut nerd, tantalizingly puzzling.
irritably snuggling. culture jammed juggling.
breaking every curfew; playing without struggling.

padded exterior, vegan interior.
hands in pockets, a screwed up sneer.
hiding high tech hardware; antiquated software:
hollow products marketed by deluded grandeur.

clam-shelling her cell phone, into a comma.
emerging from trauma, perpetual drama.
surrounded by lobotomized, inaccessible nirvanas.
never wears pajamas, has too many mamas.

she doesn’t need batteries, intrepid, bi-legged.
strolls nonchalantly on an invisible grid.
aqueously translucent, cloudless, pellucid.
butt-side down, with flippant, fetid method.

in-focus, sharp, progressive equation.
a-rhythmic, a-temporal: low level potation.
curated, moving art of bio-mass accretion.
inhalation, provocation, seductive-temptation.


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Written for:

Poetics: It’s Tempting!

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