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there’s no doc in the ER

BioMed Tools in the ER Room 4 - Blue Team

there’s no doc in the ER

biomed tools
highly sensitive
better be right
fetal heart tones
recognized by all
ringing on the PA


there’s no doc in the ER but the nurse can check the baby

proactive care
out the window
sound the alarm
i need a doc today

neck sore enough
to fall off your head
must be a lymph node

viruses looming
in everyone’s cough
it’s the PA who is
lifetime certified
today upon

there’s no doc in the ER but the PA prescribes a high tech high class germ annihilator

once upon a time
there were docs in the ER
and if you broke your arm
you were in the right hands

now they wander the halls
with Alzheimer patients
waiting for someone
to blame
because they got
the wrong lunch

there’s no doc in the ER charge the triage nurse it’s the place to go for primary care


I fell the other day, and thought I might have broken my hand, went to ER, and you know what, the fact that you will see a doc while there is now a big fairy tale. Actually, I didn’t think I broke my hand, my physical therapist refuse to touch me until he was sure there was no fraction. He said he did not want to cause vascular damage. So he made me go. But either way, I went, and that’s what I saw this past week.

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Staring at the face of Evil

Hector and Tammy at the Hospital

Staring at the face of Evil

Today I took Hector to the hospital to visit the sick people. On my way out, an EEG tech stopped me to ask about Hector. We were talking in the main hall when a slimy, sleezy man walked by. He was about 6’3″, very thin, really redneck looking, usual redneck uniform: jeans and a t-shirt, with a baseball cap. He had white ear buds in his ears. Hector looked at the man, hunched back into defensive position, put his tail between his legs and growled a basso grumble.

I stared at the man, thinking, “this must be an awful person.”

He stared right back at me, looked me straight in the eyes and said, “He sure knows a bad person when he sees one.” He turned and headed toward the elevators.

The tech and I looked at each other, mouths agape. I moved over to the tech and whispered, “I was just thinking that he must be a very bad person.”

The tech answered, “What terrible things did he do that he knows he’s such a bad person?”

You can’t imagine the chills that went up my spine, raised the hairs on my arms and my neck, and just spooked me beyond belief.

After that, Hector kept his tail between his legs for awhile. The next man who came over to him, with a long ZZ-Top type of beard also scared him. However, when I looked at that man’s beady eyes, he did not seem the epitome of evil.