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Sparse Pleasant Days

Wild Swim Waterfall

Sparse Pleasant Days

memorable vibrations
might seem
hard to come by

no rehearsing
what’s to come
from passing desire

imagination fashions
life passes furtively

dervishly twirl
till beginnings have no end
imperfections released
in sparse pleasant days


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Prompt: Life is Good

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Imaginary Gardens
Imaginary Gardens With Real Toads –  A Word with Laurie

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Photo credit: Dominick Tyler in  Guardian News and Media Limited “Valleys, Rivers and Waterfalls” – Friday 3 April 2009

Rachel’s Ladder

Rosie Hardy - Self Portrait

Rachel’s Ladder

     I. When There Is

No darkness without light.
No rest without sleep.
No dreams without love.
No madness without obsession.
No miracles without imagination.

    II. The Builders

Angles and machines build
a nimbus on my breath.
A cherub sends a raincloud.
Archangels bleed excess

   III. The Rest Place

To return
without denial
to a warm body.
My head on a cushion
soul and joy are one.

    IV. The Twin Flame

In dreamland
our silver threads meet:
A love affair in corporeality.


I think this is the last One Stop Poetry Challenge for Sunday:

This is the:  Sunday Photography Interview: Rosie Hardy & Poetry Challenge

I got the picture from her website, specifically, the Self-Portrait Section: