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Train At Night

Train At Night

The slow surf beats
until the rocks
are pillows.
High tide
is a sigh.

Potent stars
defiantly battle
city lights.
The sandy beach
is exhibited
as a satin spread.

Vertigo is
the offspring
of the Island’s beacon
until a circle
of light
snaps in the horizon.

From miles beyond
the vain beam gropes for
reflective metals
embedded in the cliffs.
When the angle
is just right
the spherical ray
the lonely shores.

Like a clap
of thunder
a whistle warns.
The chug captures
biological pulse.

The cars’ silhouettes
grow and diminish
in the wake
of the winds.

At the tail
along the parallel avenue
Defies gravity
settles into place.
The sounds slip
behind another hill.


Written for:

D’verse Poets
Challenge posted by Claudia Schoenfeld

Photo from   Moonlight at Albermarle Sound, Edenton, NC

I wrote this in 1992, when I was living in Edwards, WA. It was inspired by the way the train coming down the tracks, by Puget Sound.

Georgeson Island

Incomparable View by: Terrel Welch

Georgeson Island

Waters calm.
Skies on fire.

Public park.
Private scene.

Early summer.
Evening sun.

Transitory break.
Solitary island.

Incomparable view.
Fleeting moment.


Posted for:

OpenLinkNight ~ Week 37

One of my Twitter friends TERRILL WELCH photographed the above photo. Last time, I wrote a poem about one of her paintings,Henderson Hill, this time, for this particular photo.

Terrill thinks the best link for this poem might be: