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Portrait of Yesenia

Yesenia worked at a Montessori School in Antelope Valley, California, USA. She was originally from San Fernando Valley and went to  Sylmar High School  But at the time of this interview, she lived in Antelope Valley, California.

Yesenia loved her job at the Montessori school because of the kids. Yesenia shared that, “Every time they come in, they have this smile and say, ‘Miss Yesenia.” This gave her a tremendous amount of joy.

Yesenia said she came in every morning at 6:30 AM and did her usual cleaning, “made sure the bathrooms had enough toilet paper and that there was enough soap for the children to use.” Then she would go and clean the rooms and then she would go to the kitchen and help prepare the snacks for the kids.

Yesenia did all the yard work for the playgrounds, the janitorial work, and maintenance such as when the toilet broke. After Yesenia finished all her chores, she asked the teachers and other staff if they needed any help. Yesenia liked to stay busy, be helpful, and be happy. She was exactly the kind of person you’d want around your children.

Image Credits: Bat-Ami Gordin ©2017 all rights reserved. Credit if you use it, please