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Near Earth Asteroid

Impact Earth

Coming Close

Near Earth Asteroid

comin’ from the sun
a whisker away from Earth;
whiskin’ from one direction
whizzin’ by in another

sling-shot space rock
rims off our planet
skims off gravitational well
like a perilous mass of rubble

might sail by harmlessly
at a butt-clenchingly close gap
might pass inside
the ring of manmade satellites

narrowly missing
the bull’s eye; its image may
get trapped inside a dish
or it could fade into the beyond


Brian Miller asked me to write this in honor of the asteroid that is coming way too close tomorrow. Well, it’s a space poem, how could I NOT write it?  Thanks Brian, for putting me up to this.

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Theme Thursday

Theme Thursday for December 1, 2011 – INSIDE

Photo Credit: Not sure, got them from Brian Miller

Sonnet VII

The Black Eye galaxy is seen in this Hubble Space Telescope image released in 2004.

Sonnet VII

“The Dark Mass Theory”

Pluralities of worlds occasionally
Fly steadily through narrow slits of gas.
We scan endless skies periodically,
Yet still we can’t explain how missing mass
Is found. Deterministic randomness
Pervades the structure of the universe;
A slice of space is deem’d homogenous
In density; such logic is perverse.
Flung envelopes of stars become surreal
Compared to the time dilation of the Earth;
Galactic flight around a dark pinwheel
Is slowed by something pulling on its girth.
Though theories seem to change and oscillate,
Reality will always subjugate.


I wrote this in 1993. I found the concept of Dark Matter fascinating.

 National Geographic  can inform you further.

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Thursday Poets’ Rally  (November 3-November 9, 2011) Week 55