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meditation station

Phone booth

meditation station

exploration station
meditate at the terminal

delusion? illusion?
all the same

memorandum of capture
the door lights up

cord’s long enough

never enter
a mystery box

next time
pack wireless


Written and Posted:

Magpie Tales – Mag 105

Photo Credit:  epicmahoney


Mahatma Gandhi - Namaste


bring reconciliation
redeem from persecution
rock the opposition
fill with compassion
fight off starvation
grieve sinful condition
reign in proportion
reward our recitation
mercy on our generation

express devotion
declare benediction
ordain with obligation
praise urgent declamation
bless vocal improvisation
glorify breathing relaxation
proclaim his name with satisfaction
commit your spirit to salvation
worship through musical notation


Written for: Monday Morning Writing Prompt: Sacred Music.

Photo Credit: Food For The Spiritual Soul’s Blog – Mahatma Gandhi