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I had excelled

using nothing but scraps

and yet I prevailed


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Sensational Haiku Wednesday

Sensational Haiku Wednesday – #123


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The Poetry Pantry #74

Photo Credit: arlingtonmama
Photo Credit – I created this chart on Excel.  For data I used Generate Data dot com

The Erotic Engineer

Sexy Gates

The Erotic Engineer

Within the environment of
baseline tasks
one encounters demanding
psycho-acoustic research.

Ultra sound communication,
high resolution optical encounters,
define this rather
goofy proto-type stage.

The interconnection protocols
specifically tailored to this operation
contains an internal implementation
with automatic calibration:

cutaneous sensors GO
multi-media sensors GO
texture map sensors GO
torque sensors GO

In augmented real time,
The force feed back structures
Act as a toolkit
of functionality.

Their virtual sidearms
Are magic enough to surprise
but not shock. Oscillations.
Release. Synchronicity.


This was posted for Monday Morning Writing Prompt – Alliteration.  Well, I hope this has enough alliteration for this prompt. I think it does. Even though the guy in the pic is not an engineer, close enough, he’s a Computer Engineer, and I thought it was amusing.

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Prompt: Operation

Photo credit Computer Science Rocks