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Upside Down Flying Limerick

Open Cockpit Stunt Plane, over the stunning Abel Tasman National Park Coastline

Open Cockpit Stunt Plane, Over the Stunning Abel Tasman National Park Coastline

Upside Down Flying Limerick

At altitude that’s a little too high,
John flew upside down in the sky.
When the turbulence started,
He accidentally farted
“The dog did it,” said the pilot wise guy.


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Photo Credit:   The Abel Tasman


Mahatma Gandhi - Namaste


bring reconciliation
redeem from persecution
rock the opposition
fill with compassion
fight off starvation
grieve sinful condition
reign in proportion
reward our recitation
mercy on our generation

express devotion
declare benediction
ordain with obligation
praise urgent declamation
bless vocal improvisation
glorify breathing relaxation
proclaim his name with satisfaction
commit your spirit to salvation
worship through musical notation


Written for: Monday Morning Writing Prompt: Sacred Music.

Photo Credit: Food For The Spiritual Soul’s Blog – Mahatma Gandhi

The Erotic Engineer

Sexy Gates

The Erotic Engineer

Within the environment of
baseline tasks
one encounters demanding
psycho-acoustic research.

Ultra sound communication,
high resolution optical encounters,
define this rather
goofy proto-type stage.

The interconnection protocols
specifically tailored to this operation
contains an internal implementation
with automatic calibration:

cutaneous sensors GO
multi-media sensors GO
texture map sensors GO
torque sensors GO

In augmented real time,
The force feed back structures
Act as a toolkit
of functionality.

Their virtual sidearms
Are magic enough to surprise
but not shock. Oscillations.
Release. Synchronicity.


This was posted for Monday Morning Writing Prompt – Alliteration.  Well, I hope this has enough alliteration for this prompt. I think it does. Even though the guy in the pic is not an engineer, close enough, he’s a Computer Engineer, and I thought it was amusing.

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Prompt: Operation

Photo credit Computer Science Rocks

Human Honeycomb

Human Honeycomb














This was posted for Monday Morning Writing Prompt–Let’s Have Some Fun .

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Theme Thursday
Theme – “sweet”

Photo credit trothwell  from Human Honeycomb Picture/

Defining Mama (One)

Mama at The Sink

Defining Mama (One)

…by the warmth of a cheek
melting onto your waking face
tearless and loving ― during
an early morning embrace.

…by the smell of her cookies. the size of her butt
leaning over a sink ― scrubbing
insecticide off a carrot.


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This was posted for Monday Morning Writing Prompt–Comfort Food .
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#324 – Parent

I chose this poem because there is nothing for comfort food like mama’s cookies, and carrots are a whole other genre of comfort food. I wrote this back in the early 90’s but changed it a bit recently.

Photo Credit: Bat-Ami Gordin © 2011 all rights reserved, credit if you use it, please.

Grandpa Doesn’t Remember Me – Haiku

Grandpa Doesn’t Remember Me – Haiku

i don’t understand

Grandad called me by Mom’s name

to him, i am not


Written for Monday Morning Writing Prompt – Description

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Dversepoets – FormForAll – Haiku and Senryu

picture credit by vintagedept via Flickr

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Poetry Jam

Past and Future – Tuesday December 6, 2011

At the Divorce Lawyer’s

Divorce Law

At the Divorce Lawyer’s

A heavenly nymph
walked in one day
requesting to divorce
a spouse who went astray.

She had surmised,
this bad digression
when she had discovered
a seeping infection.

He was a piano player,
and often on the road.
The way she told this,
she was going to explode.

“This state doesn’t like
to award alimony,
but child support is high
if there is patrimony.”

“Oh, no that won’t work.
Our marriage was chaos.
We never had any children,”
A history filled with pathos.

I opened the icebox.
I gave her a cool drink.
She took it with zeal
and started to think.

Then she stood up
walked to the window;
starred outside,
at the lovely meadow.

When her half hour was over,
she went to the door,
smiled, stepped out
and came back no more.

It was this hindrance
that was the result
I no longer provide,
half hour free consult.


This little poem is for three prompts:

I oringally wrote this poem for Monday Morning Writing Prompt “random-creativity” which said to randomly take words out of a dictionary and then make a poem out of it. Instead of using a dictionary, I used the Paivio et al  Word List, in other words, a Random Word Generator.

the words were:

nymph, alimony, piano, history, hindrance, infection, chaos, meadow, heaven, icebox Generator.

Purple Tree House “welcome” asked for something funny, so I posted it on that day.


They asked for “Call – Response” asked for “a call & response poem, a poem with two or more people interacting – verbal or nonverbal.” This certainly fit the bill for that.

the picture is from Family Divorce Lawyers.  I picked this picture because I’ve been doing a lot of legal research lately at UCLA law library, and it reminded me of where I go to in the stacks.

I really didn’t know where the story was going when I wrote it, but it took a twist, so I hope that redeems the silliness in this exercise. It’s a good exercise, I just don’t know how funny I am in my writing. When in doubt, there’s always rhyming, so that’s what I did here.