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Carina Nebula – from Hubble


canned cream
at your mouth
in your face

fall flat air bubble fairies
toothlessly smiling
with balding hair
of baby similitude
like bellwort slobber
sputtering radioactive blood

cold,  solid steam
carbonated, chlorinated
fumigated, undulated
meta foam
like carpal fountains
of spread fingers

certified, personified,
versified foam
cools rage
quenches nightmares

smokeless frosting
delivered by messenger service
soothing, illimitable
universal soup of life


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Meeting the Bar: Impressionistic writing

Image Credit:NASA, ESA, M. Livio and the Hubble 20th Anniversary Team (STScI)

Sonnet 42

Black hole shreds star, sparking gamma ray flash

Sonnet XLII

The black hole’s great singularity tow
draws everything into its gravity
cauldron. Pay close attention to it grow.
Since collapsing vigorous cavity
is so different from any explosive,
yet cosmic event that’s been seen before,
annihilation will seem corrosive.
Detectives troll the universe for more
gamma ray bursts. All of the light is sucked
in its massive gravitational pull.
A tidal disruption, an implied duct,
insatiable, and never to get full.
Galaxies harbor black holes in their heart
where mid-sized stars existed at its start.


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OpenLinkNight ~ Week 55

Photo credit:  NASA handout illustration of a growing supermassive black hole

radiation rampage

NASA – Goddard – Solar Dynamics Observatory Records Solar Flares

radiation rampage

fluctuating flight
magnetic motion
mercurial mantle
faux fizzing fluxes

flares forced further
through tortured
traumatic tension
flowing flexibility

roiling ribbons
corrugated cycles
capricious cannonade
radiation rampage


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R is for READ

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OpenLinkNight — Week 44

Image from The Grand Duchy of Stollen

@OldeYellerCat asked me to write a poem about the solar activity

Photo credit: NASA  Sciences and Exploration Directorate

Astrophotographer Seeks Stellar Bodies

The Beginning Is Near

Astrophotographer Seeks Stellar Bodies

bodies to the astrophotographer
might make you crazy
but makes him slightly more sane

an invincible universe
powered by amoeboid quanta
a challenge to undo

space from the wall of death
seen through cadaverous eyes
and high nose to sniff out subtitles

he looks out for his chances
on that carousel ride to nowhere
confusing painted animals and gods

some seek mountains to climb
others pursue galaxies to conquer
they run rings around the planets

they turn on the metaphysical countertop
clearly, effectively, always sustainably
communication tries, people don’t succeed


Written by Request of Roger Weiss a facebook space pal. He liked the picture, asked for a poem, don’t know what the credits are for the picture.

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One Single Impression – Prompt 202: invincible

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Where in the World?

Photo credit:  Bat-Ami Gordin  © 2012 all rights reserved, credit if you use it, please.

Near Earth Asteroid

Impact Earth

Coming Close

Near Earth Asteroid

comin’ from the sun
a whisker away from Earth;
whiskin’ from one direction
whizzin’ by in another

sling-shot space rock
rims off our planet
skims off gravitational well
like a perilous mass of rubble

might sail by harmlessly
at a butt-clenchingly close gap
might pass inside
the ring of manmade satellites

narrowly missing
the bull’s eye; its image may
get trapped inside a dish
or it could fade into the beyond


Brian Miller asked me to write this in honor of the asteroid that is coming way too close tomorrow. Well, it’s a space poem, how could I NOT write it?  Thanks Brian, for putting me up to this.

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Theme Thursday

Theme Thursday for December 1, 2011 – INSIDE

Photo Credit: Not sure, got them from Brian Miller

Opportunity on Mars

Metal on the Plains of Mars

scouting fallen parts

some are mine and some are not

Mars – my only home

garbage strewn throughout the land

metals of the gods and man


This waka was posted for The Purple Treehouse  the “assignment” was to write a WAKA, which is a form of classical Japanese verse that ends up being 5-7-5-7-7. Go to the link to find out more about it, if so it should please you.

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Open Link Night ~ Week 38

The picture comes from:

The image credit is Mars Exploration Rover at JPL

This is a very interesting picture. I am copying the explnation from the Astronomy Picture of the Day page:

Explanation: What has the Opportunity rover found on Mars? While traversing a vast empty plain in 2005 in Meridiani Planum, one of Earth’s rolling robots on Mars found a surprise when visiting the location of its own metallic heat shield discarded last year during descent. The surprise is the rock visible on the lower left, found to be made mostly of dense metals iron and nickel. The large cone-shaped object behind it — and the flank piece on the right — are parts of Opportunity’s jettisoned heat shield. Smaller shield debris is also visible. Scientists do not think that the basketball-sized metal “Heat Shield Rock” originated on Mars, but rather is likely an ancient metallic meteorite. In hindsight, finding a meteorite in a vast empty dust plain on Mars might be considered similar to Earth meteorites found on the vast empty ice plains of Antarctica. The finding raises speculations about the general abundance of rocks on Mars that have fallen there from outer space.