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Sonnet 41

A star is born: Swirling gas and dust fall inward, spurring polar jets, shown in blue in this illustration.

Sonnet XLI

The building blocks of water traveling
around a protostar remain swaddled
in a gas cloud that is unraveling.
These are our constituents: we’re stars trapped
in mere skin and bones: human prodigies
who see droplets shoot t’ward space at sonic
speed, great jets blast in epic quantities,
and stellar gases that are symphonic,
poetic, onomatopoeic rites
of stardust passage. Swirling gas and dust
fall inwardly. Such embryonic lights
made of oxygen, hydrogen and rust
are just water-droplets, bullets, slowing
into shocked waves of suns that are glowing.


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OpenLinkNight ~ Week 51

Photo credit:  National Geographic