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Potty Chair Limerick

Boy Sitting on a Potty Chair With Toilet Paper

Potty Chair Limerick

As the new year approaches toddlers swear
That they will learn to behave in day-care
They will stop talking back
And get on the right track
As they pee-pee in the kid’s potty chair.


Written for:  Happy New Year Edition (Limerick-Off Monday)

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Last Day of the Last Year

The Last Sunset

Last Day of the Last Year

on the last day, of the last year
we will wait at dusk in awe and fear
the cold sky colors will become too warm
the clouds will begin to take strange form

naysayers have predicted a year of gloom
so we will run for shelter in a hidden room
to live inside ourselves each day
where we will not watch those news-casts play

we will wonder what will come to pass
beyond the plains, and dried out grass
our tides might flood the shores and banks
armies might deploy lasers on their tanks

but who’s to say it will be bad
that we will become raving mad
they say the planets will align
but it could be just seven, not all nine

if this coming year, truly is last
if our futures have already been cast
then the last year, is also rebirth
resulting in a much better earth


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Poetics: FormForAll – Couplets for the New Year

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