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Fly Back

Coming Home

Fly Back

all is repossessed
commitments suspended
paradox achieved

floating in circles
triple decker ice cream cones
singular nourishment

hallucinations justified
contrived vocabulary

a juncture to be relived
but the towers will never
fly back


This was written and posted for:

dversepoets Poetics: What did you call me? – Posted by  Brian Miller

We were supposed to write a poem based on the graphic designs of Tera Zajack of Olive Hue Designs.

Picture Credit from:

 My Photo

olive hue designs – “Coming Home”

Still Expecting

Still Expecting by Terrill Welch

Still Expecting

Tightening, around your pulse;
I am a factory.

Breaths and blood,
Disease and disorders,
Nourishment and necessities

The smallest of hands,
The caricature of toes,

Never alone,
As you crystallize
Into existence.



I wrote this for Sunday Scribbling, for the “Captivate” Challenge.

On of my Twitter friends TERRILL WELCH shot the photo above. This is her daughter.

Terrill also links to the poem on her Redbubble Page.

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