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when do we stop being a child

Pacific Northwest Ballet corps de ballet dancer Andrew Bartee as the Nutcracker in the fight scene from PNB’s Stowell/Sendak Nutcracker. Photo © Angela Sterling

when do we stop being a child

when do we stop being a child
attracted to candyland
eating charms off a page of fantasy
living an Atari game life?

a nucleic dance.
colorful alchemic snatches.
patented monsters
who march to their
distinctive leitmotifs;
deeply connected
to sounds of flute and horn.

he put his soul toward
regaining happiness;
an awkward cuteness.
representational adults
walking the road
riding the toad
ordering a la mode;
living things that only eat sweets.

easy to understand
masterpiece literature.
sisson, tombé, pas de bourrée.
king of the meeces
born for the very first time.
assemblé, royalé
time to fall in love
with dolls.
time to give a trusting hand
to a charming prince
of a country without a name.


Written for:

Poetics: Sendak & the Wild Things

Since I used to live in Seattle and had gone to see the Maurice Sendak version of the Nutcracker, this is what I let inspire me for the above poem.

Today’s prompt, by Brian Miller was to write a poem “about anything Maurice Sendak related. Be it his books, any memories you have of his words or images, his personal life or even putting yourself into one of his stories. Or maybe even try to see the world as a child may see it.”

Image credit: nutcracker tutu & dancewear