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Portrait of Donald

This, in essence, serves as a wheel chair for a dog, that is, a dog that does not have hind legs, uses this for mobility

Donald was a Veterinary Orthotics and Prosthetics Custom Brace and Artificial Limb Provider for dogs and other animals. His company’s name was kinetic paws through which he offered “Premium Hand Crafted Orthotics.”

His background was in human orthotic and prosthetic application, “I started a company providing the same type of aides and devices for animals.” This was due to his extreme passion and love for animals.

Donald worked with rehabilitation specialists and with veterinarians. The vets made sure that his devices were appropriate and that the applications would fitted properly.

Donald’s services were provided all over Southern California, hat is, he traveled all over Southern California to furnish Orthotics to different animals. However, he was headquartered in the Palmdale/Antelope Valley area and that was were he did most of his design and fabrication.

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