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Winds of Adventure

Wind Storm By KC

Winds of Adventure

creative journeys
mutate in the wind.
observe, notate, innovate.
entrap impressions.
oppressively tempt
powerful invisible patterns.
shape revealing events.
teach beyond obsolescence.
anxious illusions
confuse resources,
repressed disturbances.
reservoirs intact,
spurious brutality
dredges dual power plays.
in a nest of delicacy,
inner perjury takes
a chokehold on recklessness.


Written and Posted for

 D’verse Poets Pub

Challenge by: Emmett Wheatfall – write a poem about writing poetry.

I also posted this for Thursday Think Tank # 72 – Writer’s Block, because I think it does have something to do with being creative and chocked at the same time.

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There’s a funny little history to this. I wanted to send this poem for publication. I emailed it to my son @roniweiss who refused to read it on the grounds that it was masturbatory, that is, a writer stroking herself.  Then I brought it to writer’s group. We had a big discussion about it, and they commented on my poetry in general, saying I had too many big words in my poems, and I had to tone it down. That I would even scare away the literary magazines. Then, came this prompt on dverse, and I had this poem done, and was debating whether to send it for publication, and well, the fact that this was exactly the prompt, on the poem that I exactly was not sure what to do with, well, that solved the dilemma for me.