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Pigeon – Stay in the Tree

A Christmas Story for Rezzan

Pigeon – Stay in the Tree

Why be delightful
When you can annoy a crow?
Why live in the moment
When times seem slow?

Gurgle, chirp

Why sit on a shoulder
Instead of a golden bough?
Why puff up your feather
When it’s cold here and now?

Gurgle, chirp

Sit on a stoop.
Live in the trees.
Dive for a meal.
Fly in the breeze.
Let out a silent squeal.

Gurgle, chirp

Stay in the trees
or you’ll get in trouble.
Without a branch,
you live in dirt and rubble.

Gurgle, chirp


Written for:

Jingle Poetry
Short Story Slam Week 19

Image Credit to Whitebook @ DeviantArt, titled A Christmas Story for Rezzan