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Evaporate until you Lenticulate

Julius Caesar's Death

Julius Caesar’s Death

Evaporate until you Lenticulate

Don’t blubber and philosophize
in the act of pantomime.
Don’t blare and trumpet platitudes
as you premeditate tyrannicide.
Don’t pillage and falsify,
disrupt activity,
as you fanaticize,
and build public opinion on premises.
Don’t biodegrade and evaporate
until you lenticulate
into vaporous aloofness.
If you pillage all those
to whom you relate,
you will never erase despair,
but will fishtail
down the highway
and slip on glass
that penetrates brain cells.


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Hello-ing and Good-bying, Sort of.

Today, I wrote the poem for D’verse Poetry prompt by Victoria to write a poem incorporating a rich use of verbs. Because this week was the Ides of March I thought I’d write something about what Julius Caesar should have been aware.

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Poetry Pantry #244

Image credits: Julius Caesar Biography

elephant slave

Heavy ~ GeeeO on Deviantart

elephant slave

she is at my back
talking to my shoulder
bubbly in the morning
yet she mourns

bereaved family
uncontrolled loss

yet the world
has lost its sorrow
and i am told
she will bounce back

tears will cease
with formula
and copious

never forgets


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Imaginary Gardens

Kerry’s Wednesday Challenge

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The Poetry Pantry Is Now Open! – # 86

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E is for Easy

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radical revolutionaries

Up close - Lettering At Stock Exchange on Wall Street / New York City

radicals and revolutionaries

persistent silence
honored by empty sounds

brutal responsibility
while guarding inncoence:
varying degrees
of untold guilt

violent rhetoric
booms as tryranny continues

bloodshed liberates
but does not placate
radicals and


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Vice/Versa – Midnight Snack Weekly Prompt #5

For which one had to Write poetry or prose using all four words: Sound/Silence & Guilt /Innocence

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Photo Credit: Roni Weiss Occupy Wall Street – Washington Square Park – October 8, 2011