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Evaporate until you Lenticulate

Julius Caesar's Death

Julius Caesar’s Death

Evaporate until you Lenticulate

Don’t blubber and philosophize
in the act of pantomime.
Don’t blare and trumpet platitudes
as you premeditate tyrannicide.
Don’t pillage and falsify,
disrupt activity,
as you fanaticize,
and build public opinion on premises.
Don’t biodegrade and evaporate
until you lenticulate
into vaporous aloofness.
If you pillage all those
to whom you relate,
you will never erase despair,
but will fishtail
down the highway
and slip on glass
that penetrates brain cells.


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Written for:

Hello-ing and Good-bying, Sort of.

Today, I wrote the poem for D’verse Poetry prompt by Victoria to write a poem incorporating a rich use of verbs. Because this week was the Ides of March I thought I’d write something about what Julius Caesar should have been aware.

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Poetry Pantry #244

Image credits: Julius Caesar Biography

for the thousandth time

Friendship by rebela-wanted

for the thousandth time

for the thousandth time
you burst in without knocking
(it’s permanently open to you.)
I sniff the spirit
that signals your presence
(an experience one never forgets.)

who else could mitigate?
conterminous affairs, alleviated;
exposed to your core, renovated.
stronger, we camouflage indifferences,
and prevent piercing yelps
from penetrating some phony smile.

long conversations,
sometimes called debates
(yelling like fireworks.)
from outside, a facade —
they might call it abuse
(it’s a form of obedient respect.)

together we start a candy bar.
sobriety, in our minds.
no need for questions
to answers well known.
dispensing honor. beaming pride —
behind childish laughter.


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Mining the Memory–dVerse Poets Meeting the Bar

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Verse First ~ Committed

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Hades’ Gate


Hades’ Gate

1000 shards of Shadows
always slippery in thought.
Bohemian creativity hidden in
conscious state of sleepwalking.

Omnipotent matter
zooms through a gate of darkness.
Irresistible forces hand the world ideals
fashioned from troublesome trances.

Turbulently trounced trolls
traipse into the sun.
A silhouette reflects
off the stratosphere:
the Sun is wrong,
the Sun is right overhead
where the sterile Corona
stops a nightmare on the rise.


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The Poetics of Groundhog Day – Bright Shadow

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Poetry Pantry #135

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sour grapes

Sour Grapes

sour grapes

hanging pride
wind riding
critical mode

itching irritation
resolute argumentivness
hungry to be heard

affectatious deniability
dissolved desire
instantaneous rebirth


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Prompt 206: Sour Grapes

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OpenLinkNight – Week 31

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The Think Tank Thursday #86-Rebirth

Image Credit: Bat-Ami Gordin  © 2012 all rights reserved, credit if you use it, please. If interested in vector graphics form, please contact me.

radical revolutionaries

Up close - Lettering At Stock Exchange on Wall Street / New York City

radicals and revolutionaries

persistent silence
honored by empty sounds

brutal responsibility
while guarding inncoence:
varying degrees
of untold guilt

violent rhetoric
booms as tryranny continues

bloodshed liberates
but does not placate
radicals and


Written for:

Vice/Versa – Midnight Snack Weekly Prompt #5

For which one had to Write poetry or prose using all four words: Sound/Silence & Guilt /Innocence

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Photo Credit: Roni Weiss Occupy Wall Street – Washington Square Park – October 8, 2011




she cleaned
lugubrious blood
from the corpse
of a bereaved world
not for empowerment

she lived
scratched out tears
lost beliefs
to deep affections


gentle healing time


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Vice/Versa – Midnight Snack Weekly Prompt #2

Photo Credit: Dechobek at deviantART

in the plum-colored barn

Plum Colored Barn

in the plum-colored barn

the wind was a-drift, they did stop for a rest
(an expected loss in time, on this forced recess)
as they sat amongst shovels, in the plum-colored barn
the friends made strange stitches into some kind of  yarn
in no time the wool became wind-breaker type sweaters
woven with magical runes, symbols and strange letters
thus this secret cabal could progress on their trek
’til they’d needed soft scarves to warm up each neck


Written for:  The Sunday Whirl  Wordle 36

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The Thursday Think Tank # 81

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The Gooseberry Garden
Gooseberry Garden

Poetry Picnic Week 20: Fairytales, My First Time, Hope, and New Year’s Resolutions

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P is for People

Image Credit: Bat-Ami Gordin  © 2012 all rights reserved, credit if you use it, please.

waving the purple flag

Purple Paw Flags

waving the purple flag

each earthly state will happen to fly
a purple flag of an arbitrary citizen
‘tis a game of troubling dreams
whence one un-lucky year lags
behind its forerunner


Written for:  The Sunday Whirl  Wordle 35

The purple flag is purple because one of the words on the wordle list was purple. I was looking online for a purple flag and found the Clemson University Flag. I loved it because it had a paw on it, which means animal lover, in the ANIPAL world. I am learning how to use illustrator, and I wanted more than one flag, so I made this little artwork myself. Nothing spectacular, but it’s the first step in learning how to use the tool.


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The Thursday Think Tank # 78 – Off The Cuff

Image Credit: Bat-Ami Gordin  © 2011 all rights reserved, credit if you use it, please.



Alice in Wonderland by YukiValentine


a grin without a cat
is not a cat without a grin
in a world without sadness
where colors rule and
you care not
where I go while
I care much
to detain you
for your knowledge
binds me to this
upsidedown world
you are everywhere and
there is anywhere
you find cheeses
shaped like faces
and then i’m
suddenly called mad
by mates who
regularly escape
from the local
lunatic asylum
though they should be
sitting in the lounge
solving riddles and puzzles
playing checkers and bridge
on a competitive level
throwing red colored
jello into each other’s
grizzeled hair
intimidating the
sassy unfortunate inmates
who cannot wait
their turns on
the croquet field
and then slam balls
into each others heads
with confusing fury
and no account
for the proper
rules of safety
eating wild mushrooms
falling out of
an orange sapped tree
right onto my head
as i manage to hold
onto the tail
of my everpresent
cheerful mentor


Written for:

Poetry Blogroll Midnight Snack Prompt 006.

Also posted on: Meeting The Bar Critique and Craft – Conflation  by emmett.

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YukiValentine at deviantART


Rolling Hills Of Flowers


Squeeze the oil from the seed after you

Undress the shinning flower.

No food is comparable.

Fibrous, fun and functional.

Loaded with Vitamins A,E and C.

Oily healthy and nutritious.

With fats, proteins and minerals

Everyone should be eating them.

Roasted and salted is best.


This form is an acrostic. Inspired by the one written by Laurie Kolp:

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Poetry Blogroll

The Thursday Think Tank  #64 – “Sunflower”

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Carry On Tuesday # 131 Prompt – The summer flower has run to seed
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prompt – “health”

Picture credit:  National Sunflower Association – Photo LibraryBlooming-Field