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No Ovation

No Ovation

Look, Dr. Zero
I’m in an evening gown.
He’s in a toga, strumming,
the bass line;
disco: still a dream.
He hadn’t grayed, yet
He only looked like a lion.
He tripped on the coax.
Flashes of light.
Puffs of smoke.
Some antenna fell down.
Transmission was insignificant.
I never lost hold of the mike.
They got full emotion.
I got no ovation.


I wrote this for the  challenge called standing ovation.

The picture is from high school. I was singing in a concert or talent show and everyone said there was feedback, and no one could hear me.

Out There

Out There

Disembodied spheres,
without bound.

Causal nexus-continuity.

Extrasensory induction.
Encapsulated in momentariness.

A realm
in constant
barrel jammed full
of ordinary colors.

Out there.


I originally wrote this for the Sunday Scribblings challenge called distant.

Then linked it on

dversepoets open link night week 2

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