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radiation rampage

NASA – Goddard – Solar Dynamics Observatory Records Solar Flares

radiation rampage

fluctuating flight
magnetic motion
mercurial mantle
faux fizzing fluxes

flares forced further
through tortured
traumatic tension
flowing flexibility

roiling ribbons
corrugated cycles
capricious cannonade
radiation rampage


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OpenLinkNight — Week 44

Image from The Grand Duchy of Stollen

@OldeYellerCat asked me to write a poem about the solar activity

Photo credit: NASA  Sciences and Exploration Directorate

Sonnet XXXIV

Ancient Supernova Spits Gamma Ray Fire

Sonnet XXXIV

Ionic currents light the nebula.
Most lustrous waves of fury in the sky,
growing remains of a supernova.
Super-charged neutron-star. Pulsar. Whereby,
feint gamma rays in a smoky curtain
flash actively in a magnetized state.
Chemiluminescent radiation
blasting ions at a powerful rate.
The most powerful particle sources,
a luminal heart of a shattered star,
spins and lights up stellar resources
in a dragon galaxy spitting fire.
Across the electromagnetic field,
enormous flares are splendidly revealed.


This comes from

I don’t have much to say about this. I liked the picture, and I loved the title, thought it was poetic, so I wrote this sonnet.