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three cultural revolutionary tanka

Children in Their Natural Wild State

three cultural revolutionary tanka

highest dimensions
souls reawakened
flourishing forces
veil between worlds uplifted
revolutionary wave

insurgent powers
on catastrophic courses
charge into the fray
take advantage of the weak
holding only humble hope

sensory rebirth
down to earth metaphysics
new world envisioned
cultural independence
streaming literary works


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the imaginary garden with real toads

The Frog in His Fresh Waters

Photo Credit: mouse medicine

radical revolutionaries

Up close - Lettering At Stock Exchange on Wall Street / New York City

radicals and revolutionaries

persistent silence
honored by empty sounds

brutal responsibility
while guarding inncoence:
varying degrees
of untold guilt

violent rhetoric
booms as tryranny continues

bloodshed liberates
but does not placate
radicals and


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Vice/Versa – Midnight Snack Weekly Prompt #5

For which one had to Write poetry or prose using all four words: Sound/Silence & Guilt /Innocence

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Photo Credit: Roni Weiss Occupy Wall Street – Washington Square Park – October 8, 2011