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Poetic Inspiration

Robin Williams as Mork


I happen to be someone who really liked Robin Williams’s work. This is my tribute to this great comedian and actor.

Poetic Inspiration

No sign at all; just a millisecond initialized slip of a heart murmur.
He lived in a realm of constant movement, barrel-jammed
full of incandescent, exo-bizzare ingenious babbel.
He moved in disembodied spheres of contiguous contradiction.
Motivation. Incantation. Ordination. Reassertion.

To him, scintillating appetencies were lustrous sirens.
To him, bulletproof permanence was a trans-empirical
extrasensory momentary contiguous inspiration.
To him, enervative colorful uniqueness knew no caution.
Postulation. Encapsulation. Misdirection. Indiscretion.

His charismatic gaudy self-awareness was boundless.
His abstract dialectical gestures wormed into our imaginations.
Aspects of his reality were inviolable: a Gerbil wheel
to break the dysfunctional dullness of a silent full moon.
The congeners of his tortured reality hominified a final NanU.
Determination. Deliberation. Desperation. Detonation.


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This day’s challenge was to affected by Robin Williams and then to consider spending a little time with ones demons, or favorite poets. Then, choose at least 3 words from — worm, verse, dreams, suck, rout, daring, caution, seize, dead, desperation, barbaric, noble — write a poem

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