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Midnight Cowboy — A Quick Review

spoiler alert: it's not a happy ending

spoiler alert: it’s not a happy ending

Midnight Cowboy — A Quick Review

drawn to urban utopia,
world of other people’s affairs.
out of Texas, homegrown souls —
los hombres of loneliness.

man spree. textured long limbs.
ruddy, cocky, snap the tongue.
silly sod with stupid laugh.
unaffected country man.

he painted New York —
hypothetical trust.
that’s his style — innocence,
no matter how it’s tolerated.

kind friend or was it pity?
same disease phase; containment.
taste of humiliation and despair.
more rotten than downtown Bangkok.

whores to comfort women —
men more putrid than garbage .
stripped of cowboy costume.
(it’s not a happy ending.)


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Poetics ~ Cowboy Up

Today, Shanyn Silinski prompts us to a cowboy poem. Does this count?

Image credits: The Grand Finale of Midnight Cowboy Pipalatree