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radical revolutionaries

Up close - Lettering At Stock Exchange on Wall Street / New York City

radicals and revolutionaries

persistent silence
honored by empty sounds

brutal responsibility
while guarding inncoence:
varying degrees
of untold guilt

violent rhetoric
booms as tryranny continues

bloodshed liberates
but does not placate
radicals and


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Vice/Versa – Midnight Snack Weekly Prompt #5

For which one had to Write poetry or prose using all four words: Sound/Silence & Guilt /Innocence

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Photo Credit: Roni Weiss Occupy Wall Street – Washington Square Park – October 8, 2011

Apollo and The Two Muses

Apollo and The Two Muses
By: Pompeo Batoni

Apollo and The Two Muses

The Muse cease not to inspire.
They sing paeans, by the droves.
They measure our memories.
They shield Beauty in counterpoint.
Their daughters bring us magic.
in the sound of the wind and sea.

Apollo guards our tunes
which flutter toward shelter
in the guise of the warbler.
Apollo churns harmonic overtones
on a his palladium flute.
He completes the cadence
of our imperfect days.


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Prompt: muse

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OpenLinkNight ~ Week 41

The picture is from artsunlight – Apollo and Two Muses. The Artist of the painting is  Pompeo Batoni (Italian 1708-1787) Roman school Rococo