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Archangel Choir


Archangel Choir

gift of Gabri-el
holy charge
mystical spirit
most divine

voice of Bari-el.
audience to souls
intonations to vanquish
torture and punishment

heritage of Micha-el
amidst pre-molars
hierarchies symbolized

chattiness of Rapha-el
mid shades dried rose petal
mugwort to heal venom
mandrake to quell fiends

wisdom of Uri-el
alchemy of wine
chemistry of depression
dire portention

animated spirits
oppositional archangels
atonal satisfaction
harmonic tenors


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Write2Day–A Love Affair with Words

Photo Credit: Who Are The Archangels?

Four Spirit Senryu

Angle Sky

Four Spirit Senryu

it’s not how you dress
recognize your inner self
push the envelope

souls that met by chance
kindred spirits tied by night
random encounters

body in stillness
hovering spirit above
constant loneliness

only knowing love
fasinating spirit guides
lead us through life


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Sensational Haiku Wednesday

This week’s theme is: Spirit

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Poetic Forms : HAIKU (Week 4, A Repost)

Photo Credit: Angel Sky Unlimited

Four Ghost Senryu

Four Ghost Senryu

living room ghost
stolidly at fireplace
running for my life

dispirited house
attic, cellar, hallways
fading into walls

mating fruitfully
never to multiply
in a rancid tomb

little girlie ghost
adorned in resplendent lace
lucid Chantilly

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 Haiku Heights Prompt #92 “ghosts”

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Prompt: The Gooseberry Garden – Poetry Picnic Week 11-Halloween Special

Photo Credit freebsforslkids I Wanna Shine Like A Star In Heaven