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Popsicle on a Stick

Lancaster Municipal Stadium with F-18 on a Stick

Lancaster Municipal Stadium with F-18 on a Stick

I live in Antelope Valley, which is more than one city, but the Valley has one theme in common and that is Aerospace. The City of Lancaster has an Aerospace Walk of Honor, and for a monument, you can see an old F-4, mounted. The Air Force community calls this static display a Popsicle on a stick.

There are Popsicles on Sticks all over Antelope Valley, even in front of our farm team stadium. So that is what I decided to write this poem about. I threw in some imagry on baseball, food, smells, Popsicles and sticks.

Popsicle on a Stick

don’t drink
much at home
but at the
it’s delicious

first glance
not-world class
but good enough
in any language

salon du chocolate
it is not
but someone got
taken out
for a dog or two

diesel overpower
rosin scent, over
ash, hickory, maple
and beer that smells
like stinky cheese

pop tail
wind tail
wind pipe
it’s on a stick

on a stick
with a bat
club on strike
whack a mole
thwack it back


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Written for:

City Songs for Poetics

Today, I wrote the poem for D’verse Poetry prompt by Gabriella to write about a city. But the City I live by is Lancaster, CA so I chose to write about the closest thing to a square, the display in front of the stadium.

Image credits: The Hangar, home of the Lancaster JetHawks Lancaster, California