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At the Fabric Store

Fabric Store

At the Fabric Store

striped, plaid, checked, faded, floral, animal print
solid, plain, woven, fragile
bulky, flexible, transparent
pile, fiberfill, comfort-stretch-elasticity
durable, cool and absorbent,
crinkly, lightweight, flexible
wrinkly, snagged, ribbed, stubbed, ridged
rip-stopping, abrasion resistant
heavy, firm weight, tear-strength-reinforced
fuzzy, fur-like coarseness
canvas-like, tough-resilience
industrial, geometric weave
longevity-insulating-encapsulated fibers
glazed tightly, spun bulky
crispness, dryness, silkiness,
cottony, satiny, shiny, slippery,
heated embossed, warp shrinkage, pressed
closely woven, plain-faced-finish
light and warm
soft and white
smooth and lustrous
slick and gorgeous
calendared to achieve a high glaze
luxuriant-grace with gossamer softness
eco-friendly, sustainable and organic


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