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Portrait of Todd

I heard Todd and his band play at the 4th of July event at Edwards Air Force Base. I didn’t know who they were, but thought to myself that they really played some good Beatles. After, their performance, Todd let me interview him, and I found out that he was part of The Cast of Beatlemania. Evidently, the band was kind enough to come and play for free for the military troops at Edwards Air Force Base as they celebrated our Independence Day.

Beatlemania is a professional group that plays Beatles songs for over two hours in a performance spanning their history together. The concept has been around since 1980. I saw Beatlemania in Seattle, Washington, USA in the mid-1990’s. It is a fantastically fun experience. I highly recommend it if you have the opportunity (not necessarily in Seattle.)

When I met Todd, he had been playing Paul McCartney in the The Los Angeles Cast of Beatlemania for about eight years. He got started because somebody saw him play with another group at another event and told him “we think you’d be able to do it.” They had him play Paul because he looked like Paul and was a bass player. He always loved the Beatles.

The first time Todd heard the Beatles was when he was little, but he didn’t remember exactly when. I told Todd that I remembered the first time I heard the Beatles; it was when they were on The Ed Sullivan Show and I was very, very little. Todd said “that’s a good one to remember.”

This was shot in 100% natural lighting conditions, during sunset, no reflectors. I added the sky in Photoshop, though, for dramatic effect.

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