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when time races like a bullet

Earth from space with blue light trails

when time races like a bullet

when time races like a bullet,
there is little victory.
always sad. insidious
wishes: to live in sanity.

treasuring a secret escape.
leaving behind all others.
accustomed to violations.
brazen flouting; turgid power.

we laugh, then suddenly get it.
we slip-on growls and howls for props.
we live under protective
old school, flatulent leadership.

totalitarian rulers and
autocratic governments
abolish metaphoric gods:
practice chivalric sciences.

a flock of pushovers.  we are nails.
thus, hammers malign our ears.
fish eyes, two blurry bubbles,
behold abiding borderlands.


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Written for:

FormForAll – Sprung Rhythm

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Wild and Wonderful West Virginia

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