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Sonnet XXI

The Age of The Exoplanet

Sonnet XXI

Brilliant chromatic belts rotate about
A collection of gas which just beguiles
As it forms in Taurus. There is no doubt
between us are one million billion miles.
The first planetary discovery,
Aside from some proto-typical finds,
Has now been christened TMR-1C
By non-romantic, scientific minds.
This gravitational threat to fly by
Masses, may have rings orbit its big hips.
The giant babe of two bright stars might try
To catch comets on their cyclical trips.
If rocky moons are in its youthful skies,
Then some type of life may some day arise.


I wrote this in 1998, which means I was studying engineering at the time and still living in Seattle.

This is a great Hubble picture of a planet being formed. You can read more about it on:

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