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His Senses Are Covered By Blinds

Man Blindfolded

His Senses Are Covered By Blinds

His senses are covered by blinds,
so he pursues desperately:
falling for the first one he finds.
His senses are covered by blinds,
head-strongly he shuns different kinds.
He’s needy and gropes helplessly,
senses always covered by blinds
to pursue most desperately.


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FormForAll – Triolets

For those who don’t recognize this, it’s a triolet.

Photo Credit: Nina Pierce – Around The Writer’s Block,  “Snow Kidding”

Parallel Triolet

Parallel Triolet

As parallels are monumental
you intuitively know serendipity rules.
Your being here is most instrumental,
when the parallels are. Monumental
rushes of high pitched sounds are augmental
(but not too sharp.) We play like cosmic fools
when parallel. We are monumental
(you know that.) Serendipity Rules!


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Prompt: you are here

I made a little bit of a variation, “your being here.” English Grammar is so versatile.

Triolet VI

Love Potion Painting by Koloman Moser 1915

Triolet VI

As millennia expire,
We cannot say we’re one.
My faithful soul does tire,
As millennia expire.
We do not lose desire:
Our passion is over done
As millennia. Expire
We cannot. Say we’re one.


Written in 1997, posted for

The Gooseberry Garden
The Gooseberry Garden, Week 7

and also in Thursday Poets Rally Week 53 .

Picture credit Beveldere Museum Vienna