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Three Flaring Haiku

F-22 Testing "Flares"

a flare
a perfect kiss
simple truth

harmony flares
dazzeling melody
flashy music

lights flaring
pots and pans tossed in air


Posted for on Sensational Haiku Wednesday part of You Know That Blog.

I usually don’t post a picture after the fact, but I found this one and just had to. A totally cool USAF picture after the flare test was executed. What remains seems to be an angel.

A Smoke Angel from Airplane Flares By: Russell E. Cooley IV

From Astronomy Picture of the Day 2006 August 22 entry.

moving forward

Pit Bull Stats

moving forward

resurgence of authentic prophets
be real, lift the veil.

respect all the sentient.
re-surge and revolt.

declare unconditional love
as you make them stop the pain.


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I wrote this for the  challenge called forward.

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Joy From Acts of Pleasure

Riding The Beast

Joy From Acts of Pleasure

Must I always pray for pleasure?

Then pay for deliverance with remorse?

Or rather, look for pleasure

With spontaneity?

Fuse with it, like truth and justice?

Mount it like a wild beast?

And ride it with poetic pain?


I wrote this for the  challenge called pleasure.

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Poets United Midweek Motif ~ Justice, or Poetic Justice

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