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angular acceleration

angular acceleration

motive power
operations maintained
mainline conditions

locomotive traction
widespread desirability

inertial moment
rotational momentum

simple torque

obstinate flywheels


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Magpie Tales – Mag 109

Photo Credit:  Robert and Shana ParkeHarrison

depth of field

depth of field

out of focus
singular causes
from memory
keen vision
life lacks
depth of field


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Magpie Tales – Mag 108

Photo Credit:  Uzengia Aleksander Nedic

floaters – flashers

floaters – flashers


in obscure

i search
a scream

rooted at
the brink
of folds



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Magpie Tales – Mag 107

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challenge 309 – “search”

Photo Credit: sarolta bán

four Jonestown senryu

On Nov. 18, 1978, Jim Jones led a mass suicide; that day, bodies covered the Jonestown compound.

four Jonestown senryu

nineteen seventy eight

he had a cult following
parishioner draft

wanderlust stragg’lers
remnants of religious freaks
keep away from them!

deep in rain forest
drafted into cult of war
together leave earth


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Sensational Haiku Wednesday

This week’s theme is:  draft
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February 25th – Theme or Word: Cult Form: – Haiku Structure: – 3-5-3

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haiku my heart

Photos credits: Wall Street Journal Online

three seeking creative themes senryu

Bright Idea

three seeking creative themes senryu

stock poetic words
mundane dream walks in heaven
everyday clichés

torpid prompts online
lacking imagination
same tiresome themes

try using unique


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February 24th – Words: Dream Walks

Image Credit: Bat-Ami Gordin  © 2012 all rights reserved, credit if you use it, please. If interested in vector graphics form, please contact me.

private dreamliner


private dreamliner

retinas scanning
duskish horizon

shoulders stretch
airfoils grow

angles | changes
feathery at armpit

on his back
private dreamliner

conserving momentum
physical phenomena

to lift

to sustain

yet to this fowl
it is but fishy


Today’s prompt, by Brian Miller was to write a poem inspired by Reena Walkling, from Missing Moments, where she shows off some amazing photographic skills, and even writes poetry.

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Poetics – Visual-eyes-ing

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the imaginary garden with real toads

Open Link Monday

Image Credit: Reena Walking

pedestal ivory goddess


pedestal ivory goddess

pedestal ivory goddess
curves finger traced
on marble gown
thus, sculpted

gustatory impulsive
artistic kisses
focalized tongue
appertained chattel

steered daily
soothing, changing, disengaging
dovetailed shapes
though empirical junctures
and worrisome intangible ontologies

deliberately she cracks
dominated by overseen epochs


Today’s prompt was to “praise of a present-day hero, someone who has made a difference in your own life.” I always did like My Fair Lady and the concept of creating your own perfect love. I create my characters in my fiction with this ubermensch in mind. Thus this is to Professor Higgins, or is it to George B. Shaw? Or is it to a Venusian statue?  This is poetry…so you may interpret as you please.

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Meeting the Bar: Heroes and Heroines

Image Credit: Anne-Louis Girodet-Trioson Pygmalion et Galatée, 1819 Huile sur toile – 253 × 202 cm Paris, Musée du Louvre

Four Free Style Senryu

Four Free Style Senryu

Horses and Wave

horses by the sea
foaming like incoming waves
manes blowing with wind

Picture Credit:  Intellectual Development

Event Horizon

beams and rays of light
nominal light speed travel
stops at the black hole

(Illustration: XMM-Newton/ESA/NASA)

Solar Sail Jupiter

solar sail power
will get us to Jupiter
faster than rocket

Art work:  Space art portfolio (original artwork, © Mark A. Garlick)

Desert View

bountiful source of verse
and photography

Picture Credit:   Bat-Ami Gordin  © 2010 all rights reserved, credit if you use it, please.


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Join the fun!

This week’s theme is: Free Style

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Flawlessly Flopping for “F”

Three Joyful Senryu


Three Joyful Senryu

blissful in the moss
leprechaun caught sleeping
snoring carelessly

receiving a bonus
instead of a new tax hike

joyful to catch a fish
shivering on a rough beach
tempting bait of hook


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The assignment was Toss six words above your head, select three pairs of two, then write a poem describing those relationships of words.  My words were: snore   moss   bonus   tax   bait    beach.

I used  Brain Training for Creativity – Random Word Generator, to find these words.

I decided to combine prompts with the following, and created the above Senryu.

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Prompt: Joy

Photo credit moonpappy All Rights Reserved March 5, 2007 By Moon Pappy/Bill & Mary

From Behind the Lion

Behind one of the Lions at the NY Public Library Main Branch

From Behind the Lion

no one will stare
they don’t care
of a feline
of stone design
seen from behind
“it’s not refined”

I say it’s always good to look at things
think off the hook and out of the box
walk around marvelous carvings to learn
scuputures are drawings in 3-D rocks


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visit The Imaginary Garden

Diolch yn fawr, beirdd! Which means, “thank you, poets!” In Welsh

The challenge was to write a few verses with one of the cywydds (awdl gywydd or cywydd llosgyrnog) and append a toddaid couplet..” So I chose to use one “Cywydd deuair fyrion” for which the form is:

x x x a
x x x a
x x x b
x x x b
x x x c
x x x c

and one Toddaid for which the form is:

x x x x x x x a x x
x x x x a x x x b

x x x x x x x c x x
x x x x c x x x b

then I decided to use one of my pictures. I am from New York and love the NY Public Library main branch. Most of you have seen it in movies, for example, Spiderman, The Day After Tomorrow and Ghostbusters. You always see the view of famous lion statues . With my warped sense of humor, I went and took a picture from behind. No one does that. (seriously, google New York Public Library Lions and you’ll see all kinds of views, I like the ones where they are covered with snow).  I wrote this poem about this picture, which I took.

If you want to know more about the lions (including their names) check out: goodbooksforyoungsouls library-lions-in-new-york

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FormForAll – Poetic Devices: Image, Symbol, Metaphor, Allegory

Photo Credit: Mine (c) 2003 all rights reserved, credit if you use it, please.