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The Language of Chocolate

Chocolate Drops

Chocolate Drops

The Language of Chocolate

Tear drops of chocolate smeared in my ear —
extraordinary, epicurian embraces
melt my eyeballs, dissolve blissfully,
tasty as they roll in my avaricious pockets,
auditory melting on the granite surfaced table.

I long to covet them with genitalia:
delusionary cure-all, clearly, an exacerbated desire.
Appreciated gourmet of flatulent aroma:
rejuvenate, tone, percolate pock scars — abounding,
left dry, to fight off ants, and terrify hungry bees.


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Synesthesia–Sensory Confusion, or…?

Victoria C. Slotto prompts us to “…play around with mixing up those senses. It’s not necessary to write a complete poem in synesthesia, just include an incident in which you invite your readers to taste, or see, or hear, or touch, or smell something that defies the sense you are using.”

Image Credit: Bat-Ami Gordin  © 2013 all rights reserved, credit if you use it, please.

goodbye becomes tomorrow

Nurse Adjusting IV

goodbye becomes tomorrow

in the corner of my galaxy
i am officially
a narcissist
goodbye becomes tomorrow
today warm hands
touch the nurse

truth howls
silent wind
IV pumps beep
autosuggestion for change
all has weight
even expressions
of the sleeping

emotionally hamstrung
out of denial
second chance
belongs to


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Live in the Moment–dVerse Meeting the Bar

This was prompted by  Victoria C. Slotto who asked to take “the challenge to be totally alive in the present and write to our perceptions.” Since I’m getting my monthly arthritis treatment at the cancer center (I don’t have cancer) I came up with this poem. This is my now, right now. I’m surrounded by cancer patients and i have two perceptions a) when people have cancer they become narcissists, and rightfully so b) it’s a privilege to get a second chance, which our affluent society let us get I am writing this from UCLA, the view is of the Ronald Regan Hospital, and what can be more of a view of affluent medicine

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Wordless Wednesday

Photo Credit: Bat-Ami Gordin  © 2012 all rights reserved, credit if you use it, please.

suffocated reflection


suffocated reflection

tortured self-portrait
suffocated reflection

poignantly decorated
desolation and regret

cultivated condensation
impressive procrastination

informal ingenuity
rhetorical apprehension

marked musical measures
meolodious sylvan clank


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Patterns, Pictures and Poems

Photo credit: James Rainsford