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healthy simplism


healthy simplism

strong young animals
healthy simplism
monotonically plebian
wholesome honesty
impulse brimming
sweaty lovemaking exercise
species: continued


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Imaginary Gardens

A Photography Challenge for Sunday

Photo credit:  Richard Shear

congregating tribes

Brides and grooms arrive at a mass marriage ceremony at Bahirkhand village, north of Kolkata Feb 6, 2011.

congregating tribes

the tribes had met
they congregated every spring
the tribes had met
they ventured there despite the threat
to trade and barter everything
to marry off and seal with ring
the tribes had met


This Rondelet was written for:

The assignment was  write a poem about congregate.

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Prompt: Tribe

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The Gooseberry Garden
Gooseberry Garden

Poetry Picnic Week 22: Spring, Colors, Trees, and New Lives

The Rondelet form is:

– – – A
– – – – – – – b
– – – A
– – – – – – – a
– – – – – – – b
– – – – – – – b
– – – A

Photo credit:  China Daily

A Natural History of My Princess Bedroom

Ceiling Sculpture in Princess Anne's Bedroom

A Natural History of My Princess Bedroom

much imperial drama and subsidy
to aggrandize the flashy feel
of a royal bedroom
curtains the color of the sky
ballroom sized
fluer de lys habitat
den of decadent fashion
museum it is not

splendidly exposed, prestigiously lavish
spirit of crystal alchemy
mirrors leading into new dimensions
the hub of a mediocre kingdom
ceiling sculptures
with hidden cameras
haven for personal protection
fit for a princess and a half


Written for:

The assignment was  write a poem entitled “A Natural History of My (room)“, selecting whatever specific room you desired and given in a very personal sense. I chose to write about a princess’s bedroom. I do not have a princess’s bedroom. This is fiction.

Also written for: Imaginary Gardens

Open Link Monday – Calling all toads to the garden…

Photo credit:  Hiro and Haru’s Blog

Three Joyful Senryu


Three Joyful Senryu

blissful in the moss
leprechaun caught sleeping
snoring carelessly

receiving a bonus
instead of a new tax hike

joyful to catch a fish
shivering on a rough beach
tempting bait of hook


Written for:

The assignment was Toss six words above your head, select three pairs of two, then write a poem describing those relationships of words.  My words were: snore   moss   bonus   tax   bait    beach.

I used  Brain Training for Creativity – Random Word Generator, to find these words.

I decided to combine prompts with the following, and created the above Senryu.

Also written for:

Prompt: Joy

Photo credit moonpappy All Rights Reserved March 5, 2007 By Moon Pappy/Bill & Mary