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Portrait of Jason-3

Jason worked for AT&T and on the day I met him, he was sent to do some repair work at at Alta Wind Energy Center  part of NRG Energy, in Mojave, California, USA. This location is also known as Mojave Wind Farm,  and it’s one of the largest wind energy projects not only in California, but in the world.

Jason was happy to be out in the desert because he came from Bakersfield, California, USA, which was “gloomy, cloudy and nasty looking.” When he got to the main offices, it was sunny and pleasant.

Jason had worked for AT&T for 22 years, straight out of college. He was hired and got on-the-job-training. At first, he worked in the office, doing customer service, but was the type of person who didn’t like to be inside very much.

Eventually, Jason was accepted into the technical aspect of AT&T and was trained for field work. That made him very happy. Again, he was in an on-the-job-training program, but this time, he got to be outside, and he he got to travel around his office’s district.

See the pictures below to see what it looked like by the wind farm on that gorgeous day.

Image Credits: Bat-Ami Gordin © 2017 all rights reserved. Credit if you use it, please.

Electrical Substation at NRG Site

Transmission Wires at NRG Site, Wind Turbines in the Background