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Rare-Earth Haiku

Rare-Earth Haiku

colorful glassware

phosphoric x-ray lasers

rare-earth elements


First of all phosphoric x-ray lasers is made up science, but it sounds cool. It’s totally poetic license.

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Sensational Haiku Wednesday
October 12, 2011, prompt “rare.”

Posted on NIST article Experimental Atomic Clock Uses Ytterbium ‘Pancakes’.

Sonnet XXX

Sonnet XXX

Galactic Collision

Galactic collision occurred in space
at the rim of the universal plane.
The spiral arms, distorted from the base
of the center, were flung out with much strain.
A supermassive black hole gobbled up
matter that was obviously not dust.
The singularity appeared to sup
on its immense neighbor. In the robust
bright point resource, blasting out X-ray beams,
a plethora of objects that looked blue,
populated Gemini. Dust, it seems
hid energy. Gravity will ensue ―
the smaller body will finally lose;
as ripped, torn gases snap off and diffuse.


This comes from

This comes from @badastronomer’s Discover Magazine blog .

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Open Link Night, Week 24