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what’s a zongrik?

what’s a zongrik

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Often people ask me what’s a zongrik? Since’s today’s poetry challenge was to write a haiku and villanelle (or other poem) about our blog name, I will have to explain what zongrik means, or you won’t understand why I wrote what I wrote. One day, my kids and their Dad came home from Vegas with an Excalibur Viking Cap.

Viking Hat

The horns come off: you just push them out, and they are hollow. When I had that phallic thing in my hand, I realized that it would be cool to be able to pee while standing. I tried to think of a name for a device shaped like that; a device a woman could carry around and use while hiking, to pee while standing, for women fighter pilots, who can’t get out of the seat while flying, and other such activities.

I started thinking. The first word that came to mind was “dick.” Then I thought of the opera singers who are rather zaftig. They might wear a costume cap like such as this while singing a Wagner Aria. So the input command was “zaftig, dick….zaftig dick” and the output idea ended up being “zongrik.”

every woman should posses a zongrik

(a zongrik villanelle)

women! you should all posses a zongrik!
don’t stand or crouch. stand up and take control.
before it’s too late, you whip it out quick.

it has a cool case. what a snappy trick.
if troublesome squatting is not your goal,
go ahead! dare to possess a zongrik.

when you sit, you might get stuck with a tick ―
in your fanny or maybe in your hole.
before it’s too late, you whip it out quick;

since unveiling your rear, is a big schtick,
be a female who takes an active role.
women, you should own more than one zongrik.

if your man teases, give him a swift kick.
his male asset should not perturb your soul.
before it’s too late, you whip it out quick:

he might stop calling you nicknames like “chick,”
and insult you since you don’t have a pole.
every woman should posses a zongrik.
before it’s too late, you whip it out quick.

a zongrik senryu

stand to pee device
ready for a bathroom break
don’t leave your zongrik


Written for:

February 29th – Theme or Word: Journey

First image: Graphics by  Bat-Ami Gordin  © 2012 all rights reserved. Credit if you use it, please.

Photo Credit: Party Times r Us