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Fancy HOV Ridin’



Fancy HOV Ridin’

surrealistic existentialism
late afternoon commute,
coasting in the bike lane
looking for things to do.

careers, oh so different.
with certainty, city explored.
older people, not one younger
high school students on the run.

time to ransack bookstores.
(only for compilations)
published. renounced.
such was the plan.

in good company,
cheeky thinking.
regional network,
structured naturally.

professor emeritus,
familiar with his family tree.
full of universal correctness,
(worthy of a doubt or two.)

signed up for his book club.
costly find. challenged participation.
opinions: affected by social conditions:
unfavorable disregard for niceties.

night ride? without illumination?
front wheel off, bike fits in his trunk.
homeward in eco-ready, light-auto —
stratospheric high-flying-occupant-car-pooler.


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Written for:

Magpie Tales – Mag 179

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Image credits: The Horrible Forest by *pesare on deviantart