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Portrait of Carlos


Carlos had been working at Subway for a year when we met; it was his second job. His first job was tutoring any and all subjects to children ages five through seventeen.

Carlos graduated from Antelope Valley College with a degree in SELRES_c5cac77f-1d59-4c4d-8853-b24caa06dc47SELRES_8cfe1228-452b-48ad-a8c5-3e50a513bf0dSELRES_a85ac0eb-80b1-4fb7-88de-9c86a4522b88SELRES_6065a923-d4c7-43ca-93f3-4450a88dd206criminal justiceSELRES_6065a923-d4c7-43ca-93f3-4450a88dd206SELRES_a85ac0eb-80b1-4fb7-88de-9c86a4522b88SELRES_8cfe1228-452b-48ad-a8c5-3e50a513bf0dSELRES_c5cac77f-1d59-4c4d-8853-b24caa06dc47. He wasn’t able to go into this field because his mother fell ill and he had to become a full-time care provider for her. He had aspired to be a police officer, but that goal fizzled out after a while.

Carlos’s mother was doing better but was home and could not work.  Because of his experiences, Carlos’ creed was, “Make the most out of every day.”

Carlos liked working at Subway and now and then ate the food there.

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