Born to Strife and Contention

Hamas Hangs Children to Act as Human Shields

Hamas Hangs Children to Act as Human Shields

Born to Strife and Contention

when will and passion are removed,
when resistance double-talk
is branded onto never-ending anxiety,
when determination and satisfaction
are as fundamental as food,
a mind-blowing similitude is imprinted
of one’s self crawling over pulverized concrete,
as the gnawing sound of military boots
carries out abductions for victims
headed toward open graves.

why make weapons of destruction,
if not to inaugurate a bloody war,
to spate abuse and death by genocide,
to create statistics of shelved body parts
and to encourage irrational ideology?

chilling to the teeth,
tranquil in scorching sun,
courage is to be remembered.
dogmas and –isms draw us
into the non-poetry of decomposition.
coexistence mutates into an abstract,
bipolar state of observance and malevolence.

when level-headed ethics never prevail,
and macho men rampage with sincerity,
madness undermines every rational practice
of benignity and simultaneity.

left untenanted, in our public world,
impotent diplomatic development
extorts us to applaud like a game show audience.

when the statistical death count,
and the itemizing of landing points,
and the remembrance of range
and the particularization of cultural transformations
is so unlimited that no one can distinguish
between the beginnings and the end of combat,
then puerile decapitation shall fail to enrage.


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Written for:

Poetics – War Poetry

Today, Gabriella prompts a war poem.


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  1. Oh my goodness, it gets worse and worse. I did not know about children being hung as human shields. There is so much I wish I did not know, yet know I must. Inconceivable that a human can do this to other humans. Especially to children.

  2. It seems that there are no limits to what war can do to humans. There are no limits when we cease to see the human and demanding sacrifices for the martyrdoms.

  3. Not only children but women too ~ This situation disgusts me, it is beyond my comprehension ~ That last stanza will stay with me ~

  4. we can justify the weapons with well the other side has them and if we dont then we will be over run….unfortuantely that leads to arms races like we had in the 90s….escalating and escalating….

  5. What if the never ending anxiety is held by children? Because they’re hung as shields? And all children are our children…

  6. Human beings never fail to amaze or to frighten. Each war brings its own horrors.

  7. This is brilliant. So true about the weapons of mass destruction. Why make them at all if they are not to be used for war! I never did understand that.

  8. It seems, looking back in my own life, that strife, conflict, & war become a closed system with no exits; death tolls rise, inhumanity reigns, platitudes, slogans, & battle cries drown out the sad chirping of inept diplomats & peace pushers. Our very natures, way too bellicose, betray us; not an easy fix regardless of your heart babble or ideology. Terrific poem, liked the lines /dogmas and –isms draw us/into the non-poetry of decomposition/.

  9. The moment to step back, to start cultivate inner strength that if one appears – all others just can’t fight anymore, put down the weapon and peace rules….not easy process , but thousands already aware and work toward the peaceful empowerment for all, reaching 5-7 dimensions of consciousness. x

  10. This is simply tragic. Thank you for reblogging and shedding light on this terrible, terrible situation.

  11. This was&and is a very disturbing picture and poem to me, “one’s self crawling over pulverized concrete,as the gnawing sound of military boots carries out abductions for victims headed towards open graves”.this verse can be seen in one’s mind of all the wars including the horrific WW2 and Hitler Nazis. Very good write,Tammy.

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