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lunar effects

Romantic Couple in Paradise Landscape

lunar effects

lunar luminescence wraps
such a thing unnoticed
such a thing untouched

lunar drama draws
kiss soft as wind
kiss flimsy as fragrance

lunar tide pulls
part of any season
part of a motif

lunar mask hides
feasible rejection
feasible betrayal


Written for:

Jingle Poetry
Short Story Slam Week 21 (March 14-25)

The challenge was to write a short story or a poem in exactly 55 words.

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Last View of the Towers

A view from Jersey City, N.J., of the Manhattan skyline with the twin towers in March 2000.

Last View of the Towers

On Dec 24, 1999 I was at the easternmost edge of Jersey City. Stars shined over Manhattan and I realized that in all my years, there was never a clearer New York City sky. Crisp, cold and magical, how was I to know it would be the last time I’d see the World Trade Center?


Written for:

Jingle Poetry
Short Story Slam Week 20: Love In Creativity Project, All Is Welcome!

The challenge was to write a short story or a poem in exactly 55 words.

Image Credit to Boston Globe

Pigeon – Stay in the Tree

A Christmas Story for Rezzan

Pigeon – Stay in the Tree

Why be delightful
When you can annoy a crow?
Why live in the moment
When times seem slow?

Gurgle, chirp

Why sit on a shoulder
Instead of a golden bough?
Why puff up your feather
When it’s cold here and now?

Gurgle, chirp

Sit on a stoop.
Live in the trees.
Dive for a meal.
Fly in the breeze.
Let out a silent squeal.

Gurgle, chirp

Stay in the trees
or you’ll get in trouble.
Without a branch,
you live in dirt and rubble.

Gurgle, chirp


Written for:

Jingle Poetry
Short Story Slam Week 19

Image Credit to Whitebook @ DeviantArt, titled A Christmas Story for Rezzan

congregating tribes

Brides and grooms arrive at a mass marriage ceremony at Bahirkhand village, north of Kolkata Feb 6, 2011.

congregating tribes

the tribes had met
they congregated every spring
the tribes had met
they ventured there despite the threat
to trade and barter everything
to marry off and seal with ring
the tribes had met


This Rondelet was written for:

The assignment was  write a poem about congregate.

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Prompt: Tribe

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The Gooseberry Garden
Gooseberry Garden

Poetry Picnic Week 22: Spring, Colors, Trees, and New Lives

The Rondelet form is:

– – – A
– – – – – – – b
– – – A
– – – – – – – a
– – – – – – – b
– – – – – – – b
– – – A

Photo credit:  China Daily

why celebrate the holidays

Cinderella Break

why celebrate the holidays

why celebrate the holidays
in a tree
when you can ride a pumpkin
and scuff  its pungent crust

why celebrate the holiday
with family
when you can sip ginger tea
while burning a cinnamon candle

why celebrate the holiday
and succumb to gravity
when you can pirouette on point
with the rat king

why celebrate the holiday
traveling by sea
when warm colored leaves
gamble their lives in the wind

why celebrate the holiday
in thoughtful study
when you can play with words
in creative fulfillment


Written for:

Jingle Poetry
Short Story Slam Week 17

Also Written for:

Imaginary Gardens
Open Link Monday – December 19, 2011

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W is for…

Image Credit:  Chance of Sunshine: Cinderella On Her Tea Break


Father's Love


His blond hair waving in the wind,
Or his blue eyes charting the stars.
He’s grown now,
He no longer needs me
Runs to his shelter
Sits in my lap for sweet caresses.

Come back my little boy.
Drink my milk
Let me raise you once more –
high in the sky.
Then let your feet touch the ground.

But then he’ll be old again
(So will I).
And once more I’ll miss his smiles,
His skinned knees,
And that muddy appearance
When he returns from a hard day of play
So then once more I’ll be

He dove into the pile
The hues of yellow and brown
Clashed with the red white and blue suit
As he buried himself in the pile.
Suddenly, Silence
Only the wind could be heard
Nothing moved
But a leaf emancipating itself from the pile.
Then the blond head,
A little nose, a smile
And finally the entire jolly body


This was written in 1993 and posted for Blue Bell Books Short Story Slam Week 12:

Image Credit: Sweetestsin2862

Memory Stick

Memory Stick

flash drive doesn’t drive
it just likes the same commands
as DVD and CD drives
that everyone demands

flash drive doesn’t flash
it just stores all your data
when you’re tryin’ to run programs
versions alpha and/or beta

flash drive doesn’t move
in fact it’s rather dull
but memories stick to it
better than to your skull

flash drive doesn’t break
if you drop it on the floor
i hear it’s rather robust
it might last a nuclear war

flash drives just interface
with your CPU and apps
you’ll never need a wire
or expensive safety straps


I wrote this for Theme Thursday

since it has so much repetition, I posted it on

dverse, Poetic Say It Again Sam

 Hedgewitch (Joy Ann Jones) was hosting.




he leaves because he must

this, he recounts each time

he has no need or care for feet

to touch the solid ground.


on to a dumpy dock town,

he sails away once more

in my possession, his treasure,

digging into my diaphragm.


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only in isolation

UncertainMe and all her AmbiguousValues

only in isolation

adjacently, it’s rough, in a jagged way,
as it tickles a bare shoulder;
it was just a breeze.

conceptually devoid when
listening retrospectively
an invention that both teaches
and transforms, maybe in a book.

at her next gathering, so complex
she validates the ultimate algorithm
housing in the rurals.

will she build using inherited space?

only in isolation:
     twisted air.


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Teach Kids To Think About Giving In Every Aspect of their Lives

Jungle Party Theme Cake

Children’s Jungle Party

(a short play or podcast)

Julie: I’m looking for a way to teach my kids to think about giving in every aspect of their lives.

Nichole: Weren’t you planning a birthday party for your son Howie?

Julie: Yes…

Nichole: You should add a charitable element to your celebration.

Julie: Intriguing, how do I do that?

Nichole: I’ve heard that some people, rather than accept more junky toys to clutter their houses, are asking friends and family to adopt an endangered animal in honor or the birthday boy or girl.

Julie: Wow! That’s a good idea.

Nichole: Of course. It’s a brilliant idea, if I may say so myself.

Nichole and Julie giggle

Nichole: And you know most of these charities give adoption gifts, like stuffed snow leopards and baby gorillas. Have the kids bring the adoption gifts and then use them as party decor. Then, donate the stuffed animals to the children’s hospital.

Julie: I like that. So.  Hmmm…it would mean, a jungle theme for decor too. That would be easy…a few coconuts, a bunch or two of bananas, plastic safari hats, and colorful plastic monkeys for the centerpiece.

Nichole: Yeah, now you’ve got your creative jungle juices flowing.

Julie: For more color, we can throw around safari balloons.

Nichole: That’s it. Keep it simple.

Julie: What do I do if the kids get hyper?

Nichole: If you bring hula hoops and beach balls you can keep the kids moving. Have them dance to music from movies like Jungle Book and Lion King.

Julie: I can also bring in musical instruments and have them make their own jungle music.

Nichole: Or have them bring their own instruments.

Julie: You’re right, some take lessons and have their own. I’ll bring extra…

Nichole:…like percussion?

Julie: Yeah…for the ones who don’t have any. You know, I saw a recipe for making a jungle themed cake on a cooking show.

Nichole: Cool. And for after the cake, if you bring old national geographic magazines and butcher block paper along with paper crayons, washable markers, and glue stick “creative kit bags,” they can walk away with their own creative designs and with the kits.

Julie: This is all such a great idea. Just one thing I don’t know if I can get ready.

Nichole: What’s that?

Julie: Get Howie ready for a party with no presents…


This was posted for  for:

Thursday Short Story Slam Week 7

You were supposed to write a story or poem based on the picture above. So I wrote a little play. Hope they don’t mind.

Since the Animal Rights community liked my previous poem, I wrote this with an AR theme.

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